Co-extrusion is a unique technology becoming more and more common given the multitude of benefits it offers. This concept is based on an Alginate paste which is extruded on to the surface of the sausage emulsion during the stuffing process. The co-extruded (stuffed) product is hereafter treated with a calcium solution which gels the Alginate paste into a strong casing. The sausages are then treated as standard products as the process continues…. e.g. cooking, smoking, drying and cooling.


This concept may be applied in the production of:


  • Sausages with fine emulsions

  • Sausages with coarse emulsions

  • Salami sticks


EUROGUM provides the CCA range as a powder solution, meaning the extrudable paste should be prepared by the customer. A powder solution is:


  • Very price competitive compared to a ”ready made” paste
  • The powder is easier to store compared to a ”ready made” paste
  • Longer shelf life compared to a ”ready made” paste



Typical benefits of using Alginate paste in a co-extrusion concept:


  • Provides crispy skin

  • Provides good cling

  • Provides high stability

  • Vegan