Carrageenan is a key component in dairy products. It contributes with a high functionality, even in very low dosage levels. Carrageenan is supportive and interacts with the other ingredients in dairy applications. Dairy products are manufactured in either cold or hot processes and Carrageenan fits both methods seamlessly.


Carrageenan interacts with the ambient proteins and cat ions to provide a range of textures, from elastic to firm and from soft to strong depending on the Carrageenan type.  Carrageenan can be used in:


  • Chocolate milk

  • Flavored milk based beverages

  • Cold shaken milk based beverages


Typical benefits of Carrageenan in these applications are:


  • Improved viscosity

  • Improved taste profile and mouth-feel

  • Providing “body” to the application

  • Preventing of sedimentation/precipitation