Desserts are a very significant market for the application of Alginate and Carrageenan considering both technical benefits and commercial value. Both of these food gums have unique properties in that they can be used alone or combined with other texturizers/food gums.  With the correct EUROGEL type, you will be able to design and achieve the desired texture and flavor release for your finished products. Desserts with EUROGEL products can either be cold or hot processed, which allows for a greater range of utilization. Typical dessert applications:


  • Flan

  • Cold filled desserts

  • Water gels

  • Glazing

  • Ice cream/Ice lolly


Typical benefits in these applications are:


  • Improved mouth-feel

  • Providing “body” to the application

  • Improved texture

  • Improved freeze thaw stability

  • Reduced syneresis

  • Fat replacement

  • Improved flavor release