Fresh Injection

Carrageenan systems are often used in uncooked products, referred to as fresh injected or marinated. The Carrageenan solution improves the storage yield and reduces cooking loss prior to consumption via its supportive and/or interactive properties with other ingredients in this specific application. A Carrageenan solution can either be used in an injection process alone, or in a tumbling/mixing process alone, or in a combination of the aforementioned processes. Carrageenan can be used in:


  • Steaks

  • Loins

  • Poultry parts

  • Whole birds

  • Fish


 Typical benefits of Carrageenan in these applications are:


  • Improved water binding and yield

  • Improved texture

  • Improved juiciness and tenderness

  • Improved cooking yield

  • Improved freeze/thaw stability

  • Reduced syneresis