Hams/Emulsified Products

Carrageenan (refined E407 and semi-refined E407a) is the perfect solution for meat products. The product contributes with a high functionality in traditionally cured and more economical cooked meat products. Carrageenan is verysupportive and synergistic and interacting with other ingredients in many applications. The application of Carrageenan easily fits into the process of production and dissolves during cooking, finally gelling during cooling.


Carrageenan interacts with the ambient proteins and cat ions to provide a range of textures, from elastic to firm and from soft to strong depending on the carrageenan type.  Carrageenan can be used in:


  • Restructured ham, un-injected meat pieces tumbled/mixed together with a brine

  • Injected whole muscles

  • Emulsified products such as mortadella or patè


Typical benefits of Carrageenan in these applications are:


  • Improved water binding and yield

  • Improved texture

  • Improve sliceability

  • Improved cooking yield

  • Improved freeze/thaw stability

  • Reduced syneresis