Jams and Fruit Filling

Alginate is a rather recent discovered technology for the stabilization of fruit systems. Alginate provides the required texture in combination with the available ions in the finished product. Alginate may be used in a wide range of fruit products, soluble solids, pH-levels and process methods. Alginate can either be added directly to the fruit system or as a pre-dissolved solution. Alginate can be used in:


  • Table jam

  • Fruit filling

  • Fruit purees

  • Yoghurt preparations

  • Gelling powders to be sold in supermarkets


Typical benefits of Alginate in these applications are:


  • Works in a wide pH range.

  • Works in a wide range of soluble solids

  • Suitable for all common processes

  • Excellent flavour release

  • Adjustable spreadability

  • Low cost-in-use

  • Alginate is cold soluble

Thermo irreversible or thermo reversible after gelling.