Background and History

EUROGUM A/S is an independent Danish manufacturer of Carrageenan and Alginate. Founded by Mikael Eriksen in 1994, its head office is located in Herlev, Denmark, just over 10 km away from the city of Copenhagen. 


The EUROGEL® brand is distributed globally through a network of highly qualified distributors. Constant product development, innovation and consistent quality control along with its proximity to markets and ability to satisfy customer needs, have been key parameters for EUROGUM’s success and growth. Efficient logistics secure reliable, flexible and on-time deliveries. Together with our distributors, EUROGUM has developed a leading position in Europe and is extending its position to a number of overseas markets.


EUROGUM’s main focus is food technology and the customization of Carrageenan and Alginate solutions for individual applications and customers. EUROGEL products add value to processed meats, desserts, confectionary, dairy and a wide array of many other products. Each and every product from EUROGUM is created to suit a specific application – and the majority of our products are developed in cooperation with actual customers. EUROGUM is constantly exploring new territories and applications where Carrageenan and/or Alginate can be applied.


EUROGUM sources raw materials only from selected and preferred partner suppliers located all over the world, securing uniformity and optimum functional performance of finished products.


EUROGUM has more than 100 cumulative years of experience with Carrageenan. Our product developers and skilled application technologists make certain that products are prepared to match the exact wants and needs of its customers.

Tailor made products, speed, flexibility and customer focus are amongst Eurogum’s key working parameters.


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