Research and Technology

The unique properties of EUROGUM's range of Carrageenan and Alginate improve texture, rheology, flavour release and process yields. Working closely with our customers enables us to understand their needs and desires for finished product characteristics. This often leads us to design a tailor made solution that is customer specific.


EUROGUM’s research and development department boasts both the latest in technology in their laboratory and pilot plant together with highly skilled food technologists and scientists. Our facilities are regularly renewed and updated with so that we can consistently work hand in hand with our customers to deliver the latest advancements in food technology.


Overall EUROGUM are working with two main sectors in our laboratory and pilot plant facility:

Internal work, example given:

  • Improvement of existing products
  • Improving control methods
  • Quality test of raw material and finish products


External work, example given:

  • Test carried out together with our distributors and customers
  • Tailor made seminars for our distributors and customers
  • Producing product samples
  • Producing carrageenan and alginate test samples, to be sent directly to the customers