Welcome to Eurogum


EUROGUM A/S is an independent Danish manufacturer of Carrageenan and Alginate used by the food industry in a wide range of products to provide and improve stability, texture and mouthfeel.

The EUROGEL brand is distributed globally through a network of highly qualified distributors.

Constant product development, innovation and consistent quality control along with its proximity to markets and ability to satisfy customer needs have been key parameters for EUROGUM’s success and growth. Efficient logistics secure reliable, flexible and on-time deliveries.

EUROGUM’s focus is food technology and the customization of Carrageenan and Alginate solutions for individual applications and customers. EUROGEL products add value to processed meats, desserts, confectionary, dairy and bakery products and many more. EUROGUM sources raw materials only from selected and preferred partner suppliers located all over the world, securing uniformity and optimum functional performance of finished products.